Cyberhunt cover

Cyber-Hunt was an audio story featuring the Cyberons.

Summary Edit

A Cyber War rages throughout the galaxy. The Earth-aligned worlds are fighting for survival against the cold, emotionless might of the Cyber Bloc - an alliance of planets whose inhabitants have undergone cybernetic conversion in the name of racial superiority.

Award-winning journalist Olivia is reporting from the front-line, when all her assumptions about the Cyber War are shattered, not only by a terrifying encounter with the enemy, but by the arrival of a wise and mysterious traveller. The result is a deadly Cyber-Hunt, in which human and machine creature are tested to the limit and the balance of galactic power is at stake.

Storyline Edit

Credits Edit

  • Fred - Nicholas Briggs
  • Olivia - Helen Bang
  • CyCom - Robert Boole
  • Sergeant Grange - Andrew James Dickens
  • Captain Halloran - Andrew Fettes
  • Stevens - Stephen Franklin
  • Cyberon - David Sax

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